Rugby Innovation UK 2017 Speakers

Alan Dymock

Features Editor, Rugby World magazine

I am currently part of Rugby World magazine's editorial staff, holding the position of features writer and in February 2016 I was named the Rugby Journalist of the Year at the Sports Journalism Awards.

I took on the role of features writer within Time Inc. UK in November 2013 having worked as a freelancer for the magazine while completing my Masters in journalism at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

During my time with Rugby World I have had a varied range of responsibilities. While most would see my role as simply writing features for the magazine, as part of the editorial team I have a strong say on editorial direction of an issue, as well as commissioning design and pitching long-term ideas for special issues or projects. Day-to-day, a large part of my time is spent subbing and editing copy for the magazine, using InDesign. However, my real passion lies in constructing long-read features on in-depth subject.

As well as this, I have skills in building SEO profiles and editing online copy. I have helped introduce and host Rugby World's weekly podcast and have done radio work, as well as the rare appearance on television.