Rugby Innovation UK 2017 Speakers

Ben Coomber

Peformance Coach & Nutritionist

I write for major industry publications like Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Train, MMA Uncaged, SFN Magazine, TSN Magazine and The Daily Telegraph.

I present internationally on a variety of topics in the health, fitness and human performance field, as well as motivation, mindset, marketing, social media life progression. I have presented many independent seminar series's as well as been a guest presenter at Body Power Expo, SFN Expo and LIW since 2011.

Owner of Body Type Nutrition - A nutrition education company for personal trainers and coaches to develop themselves within the fitness industry alongside a team of coaches that also coach individuals with their nutrition, we also run conferences, corporate coaching and facilitate wellness programs:

Creator of Transdermal Technology, sports nutrition via the skin. We currently have 3 products, a Recovery formula to apply post workout to increase your rate of recovery and reduce DOMS, a Performance product to aid in optimal exercise performance, and our recovery product in the form of bath salts also. Trying to innovate in a crowed sports nutrition world:

Co-owner of Ditch the Diet - A diet and health program run by women for women. Female personal trainers and coaches run their groups all around the UK for women via our 5 month program to help change their weight and health forever, ending the yo-yo dieting culture. We are always seeking good female coaches to join us:

Co-owner of Suffolk Strength Academy - A gym ran by myself and Ben Gray. A results based performance facility getting people in incredible shape and taking athletes to the next level, based in Ipswich Suffolk.