Rugby Innovation UK 2017 Exhibitors

Sonda Sports

Sonda Sports, a developer of GPS and LPS (Local Positioning System) technology for monitoring the performance of athletes and helping reduce the risk of injury.

Sonda Sports is a European company connecting engineers, analysts, athletes and scientific organisations, and using the latest research and sports analytics methods. Thanks to our precise and durable cutting-edge solutions, we have been able to provide sports teams with an extremely reliable device and analytical system. It has changed the way players are monitored by combining the latest technology and advancements in science.

The system has been designed for professional league teams, university teams and children's sports academies around the world, for training both in indoor sports centres and on the field. Our quality, latest technology, and innovative design have made Sonda Sports one of the leading brands pushing the performance of athletes whilst protecting against injuries.

The factor which sets apart our devices from others available on the market is their truly wireless connection stable, fast, reliable and free from interference. What's more, our product is also intended for women and children in sports, something that other analytics systems don't offer.

- "Sonda Sports was created for all athletes, we know how important results are for them. We are also aware of the budgets of teams in different disciplines and at different levels. The aim of our product is to enable the monitoring of performance parameters during training, and most importantly, help to minimise the risk of injury, both in children and professional athletes." - Wojciech Ganczarski, Managing Director

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